Campbell River
Community Foundation

Our foundation supports nonprofit and charitable organizations in Campbell River. We work closely with our donors to connect them with causes that matter.



Non-profits and charities in SD72 – please complete our 10 minute Vital Signs 2024 survey!

A Way to Give Back to Campbell River

We bring people together who care about our community. As a local, independent, charitable organization; our mission is to enrich life in Campbell River. We do this by facilitating philanthropy, by helping people help others.

Donate, Save and See The Impact On Your Community

You can now use our donation tax savings calculator to determine the impact of your generous donation on the community that means so much to you, and all of us. Calculate your tax savings in the form of monies, stocks, mutual funds and RRSPs/RRIFs. Our new donation savings calculator is as easy as 1-2-3. Following the steps, entering in your information one piece at a time and see the final results of your donation, prior to committing to any sort of donation.

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