The Campbell River Community Foundation’s mission is to enrich life in Campbell River

What is a Community Foundation?

Community Foundations work with donors to create their charitable legacy. No matter the gift size, our donors know they are helping to create a permanent endowment for the community, with the investment earnings distributed to the broadest range of charitable initiatives in the community.

A Community Foundation is not the object of a donor’s philanthropy but rather seeks to provide donors with the information, resources and tools to accomplish their charitable goals.

Each Community Foundation is autonomous and governed by a Board of Directors made up of community-minded leadership. Yet, they are linked and supported by Community Foundations of Canada’s strong national network;

What are the benefits to the community?

The Campbell River Community Foundation brings people together who care about their communities. We are local, independent, volunteer-driven, charitable organizations that aim to strengthen our communities by facilitating philanthropy, partnering with donors to build permanent endowments and other funds from which they support community organizations and projects, and providing leadership on issues of broad community concern.

The Foundation supports Campbell River in the areas of education, health and welfare, culture, environment, parks and recreation, youth and seniors. We are governed by a Board of respected volunteer citizens, who appoint a grants committee to research applications for funding, and make recommendations to the Board each year for grants which are used to further the well-being of Campbell River citizens overall.

Simply put, We Help People Help Others.

Who We Help

The Campbell River Community Foundation has distributes grants to nonprofit and charitable organizations supporting art, culture, education, youth, health, the environment. All of these community projects help achieve our mission of enriching life in Campbell River.

Our grants are made possible through the generosity of community-minded donors. We work closely with our donors to connect them with causes that matter in a variety of areas. Please review the information provided to determine if your organization and your initiative meet our criteria for granting. For more information visit our Grants page.

We seek to fund programs and projects that…

  • Provide a direct service to the community
  • Benefit a wide audience
  • Contribute to the betterment of the community
  • Strive to have a lasting impact on our community
  • Involve collaboration and partnerships
  • Build on existing community strengths and assets
  • Use resources efficiently and effectively
  • Leverage funds from other sources

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