Neighbourhood Small Grants – Open March 1st, 2023

NSG Applications will be open on March 1st, 2023

NSG Applications will be open

March 1st to April 15th 2023

Do you have an idea that connects people socially or helps them share skills or talents with each other?  If you have an idea to create community and cultural connections in Campbell River, Neighbourhood Small Grants can help bring your project to life with grants from $50–$500. Share your skills, your language, your music, your art, your hobbies! Share your knowledge from elders to youth and from youth to elders and across all generations and across all cultures. The possibilities of connections are endless!

For inspiration, check out some of the past projects from across BC at



Eligibility & FAQ’s


What are Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG)?    Neighbourhood Small Grants is a program that was started by the Vancouver Foundation, and has now spread throughout British Columbia in collaboration with other Community Foundations and community organizations. It provides up to $500 to groups of neighbours to do local projects together that focus on building community and making their communities better places to live. The program is based on a simple but powerful idea—that everyone is a valuable member of the community and that we all have something to share.

How do you apply?    You can apply online at  If you need help with your application please contact the Campbell River Community Foundation.  Applications are also available in other languages, including Chinese, Punjabi, Arabic, Farsi, Tagalog, Spanish, French and Vietnamese.

Who can apply?  These grants are meant for groups of people who live in the same community and the projects are meant to take place in the area where they live.  The application form requires two applicants from different households. If funded, both applicants are equally responsible for managing the grant money. We encourage applicants to have even more people involved in organizing their project. Neighbourhood Small Grants are about building community after all!

How are the decisions made about who gets funding?  A group of volunteers who also live in our community decide which applications will get funding and distributes the funds between those projects.  They are called the Neighbourhood Grant Committee.

How many grants can you apply for each year?  An individual can be a main applicant on one Neighborhood Small Grant application per year. That same individual could also be a co-applicant on two applications. However, each project can only be funded once – you cannot apply for more than one grant for the same project.

What kinds of ideas get funded?  Lots of different ideas can get funded, with a focus on those that build connections. In the past the program has funded block parties; emergency preparedness workshops; art making projects and art shows; community garden projects; book exchange boxes; music, harvest and lantern festivals; cultural celebrations; sports days; and much more! Preference will be given to new projects or those that have been funded for less than three consecutive years.

What are the other guidelines for projects?

  • Applicants must live in the participating community they apply to and do the project in that community.
  • Projects must be free, accessible and welcoming to all. They may not charge entrance fees, request donations, or fundraise for other projects and/or organizations.
  • Except for community gardens, projects involving infrastructure building or upgrading or purchasing of large equipment such as computers are not eligible.
  • Projects involving therapy and counselling support are not eligible.
  • Applicants may not profit financially from the project.
  • Registered organizations and businesses are not eligible to apply. These grants are specifically for individuals and small volunteer-based neighbourhood/community groups.
  • A portion of the grant money may be used to pay people for services (also called honoraria) to help with the project. An example may be a carpenter or face painter. Total honoraria may not be more than $100 per project.
  • Festival-style events are expected to focus on a specific neighbourhood or community with a range of 100 to 300 attendees. Projects that are part of festivals must demonstrate an activity within the event that helps neighbours to develop or strengthen relationships.
  • If a project is going to take place on neighbourhood streets or public spaces/parks, applicants will need to follow municipal by-laws and obtain appropriate permits and liability insurance prior to their project start date.

How can organizations be involved in projects?  Although organizations cannot apply for these grants, we encourage them to spread the word to the members of their programs! When members of programs at an organization are funded, applicants are encouraged to do their projects outside of regular program activities and to open them up to people not already linked to the program. Staff can provide support and mentorship for a project, but the applicants are encouraged to plan, implement and take leadership in their projects.

What is the timeline?  The NSG applications are open twice, every Spring and Fall. Retroactive funding is not available, so projects can start once the applicants have been notified that their application has been approved, which will happen 4-6 weeks after the deadline. Project activities can continue longer but grant money must be used within 6 months of receiving the grant.   Project Leaders are encouraged to share the stories of their project upon completion.  The stories can be shared by video, pictures and short summaries.

Remember that you may ask for $350 to be allocated for honorariums to anyone who contributes skills or knowledge as part of your project, including yourself.

Once you are ready to apply, you can submit your project via our online application.

Neighbourhood Small Grants Spring & Fall 2022 Grantees

$500 – Nevil Hand:  Quadra Island Beach Clean Up

$500 – Ann Vansnick:  Spring Is In The Air 2023

$500 – Sandra Weames:  Strong Homes Make Strong Neighbourhoods

$500 – Sole MacDougall:  Movie Night

$500 – Vanessa Sharkey:  Food Forest

$500 – James Wood:  Music Recordings Fall 2022

$500 – Tanya Henck:  Squirrel Cove Fall Fair

$500 – Carla Duffey:  Portraits for People

$500 – Craig Gillis:  Everybody Deserves a Smile

$500 – Kiley Ketchum:  Snacking Together

$500 – Laurel Cronk:  Greenways Loop Day and Buskers Day

$500 – Lori-Dawn Kowal: Community Garden

$500 – Nancy Welsh:  Art That Anyone Can Do!

$500 – Ann Vansnick:  Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall Sayward Style

$500 – Anne-Marie Long:  Discovery Islands Pride event

$500 – James Wood:  Music Recordings

$500 – Sandra Weames:  The Adams Family Picnic

$500 – Sarah Wright:  Active School Travel Community Day

$500 – Sieglinde Bentham:  Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safe Community Project

Thank you to all our dedicated small grant community members for applying and seeing through their ideas to bring our community together!



Neighbourhood Small Grants 2020 to 2021 Grantees

$ 500.00 – Diane McCredie: Flower Power

$ 500.00 – Karen Floor: Larwood Library Book Bench

$ 500.00 – Louella Baker: Pickleball for Quadra Seniors

$ 500.00 – Whitney Ramm: Gold Panning

$ 500.00 – Lucilla Girotto: Book Care Box Spring 2021

$ 500.00- Nevil Hand: Quadra Island Beach Cleaning.

$ 475.00 – Richard Cronk: Owl Channel Project

$ 500.00 – Tamara McPhail: Bokashiand Vermicomposting Demo

$ 500.00 – Sulyn Cedar: Mushroom Growing Workshop

$ 462.80 – Teresa Reimer: Easy Self Watering Garden Systems

$ 500.00 – Ann Vansnick: Young Families Growing Together

We look forward to hearing the stories and will be sharing them on social media and our
website when we receive the updates.


The Campbell River Community has been really good to us through years of developing our businesses, so it has been really important on a philanthropy level and family morals level, to give back to the community that has always supported you.

Amanda Raleigh

The level of giving, and the level of philanthropy in this community is unbelievable.

Bill Matthews

The Campbell River Community Foundation is an organization that has a lot of professional people in it that manage the funds extremely well and distributes them to the individual organizations that really need them.

Randy Leigh

We have chosen to invest in the Campbell River Community Foundation because it is a way of giving back to the community and a continuing future legacy in which the funds are well managed and not heavy in administration fees. Local organizations in need are well served by this growing Foundation.

Kerry & Barry Watchorn

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