Community Grant Recipients

$5,000  Campbell River and North Island Transition Society – Anne Elmore House Pet Program

$6,000  Campbell River Community Arts Council – Driftwood Bear for Campbellton River Village

$2,000  Campbell River Head Injury Support Society – You Aren’t Alone

$5,000  Campbell River Hospice Society – Sudden Death and Children’s Grief Packages

$6,000  Campbell River Hospital Foundation – PARO Interactive Robotic Seal

$4,000  Community First Foundation –  Backpack Buddies

$3,000  Discovery Coast Greenways Land Trust – Good Food Box Project

$5,000  Discovery Coast Greenways Land Trust  – Streamkeepers Project

 $600     Hope Air – Medical Care Access Travel for Low-Income CR Residents Needing Medical Care

$1,500  Penfield Elementary School – Penfield Community Outreach

$3,000  Quadra Island – Quadra Island Foundation Website Development

$1,000  Quadra Island Recreation Society  –  Community Pedal Power Project

$4,000  Rivercity Players Society – Signage Scripts and Security

$4,500  7th Generation Stewards Society – Community Garden – Food for the Future

$5,000  Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North Society – Site Office Upgrade for Volunteer Support

$4,200  Campbell River Volunteer Society – Campbell River Seniors Network – Next Steps Project

$9,044 – Campbell River Beacon Club – Dinner Bell Vocational Training Program

$500 – Campbell River Children’s Choir and Performing Society – A year of Unity and Community

$2,000 – Campbell River Head Injury Support Society – You’ve Got To Move it!

$1,500 – Discovery Coast Greenways Land Trust – Laughing Willow Community Garden – Infrastructure Refresh

$2,000 – Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North Society – Building Capacity Through Technology

$2,000 – Museum at Campbell River – Elk Falls Alive App

$3,591 – Navy League of Canada – Campbell River Branch – Wall Waterproofing and Repairs – Stage 1

$4,000 – North Island College – From Mio – Telling the stories of Japanese migrants to Campbell River

$1,961 – Oyster River Enhancement Society – Repairs and maintenance for 30 year old building

$2,300 – Penfield Elementary School – Penfield Outdoor Explorers Community Classroom

$2,000 – Quadra Circle Community Connections Society – Quadra Seniors Healthy Aging

$1,200 – Rivercity Players Society – Shelving project

$1,500 – School District #72 Campbell River – Together in a Canoe

$500 – Surge Narrows Community Association – SNCA Directors Handbook

1st Willow Point Scouts – $2,000 – Equipment Replacement

​Autism BC – $1,600 – Behavioural Intervention Training

​Campbell River Alano Club – $1,500 – Flooring

​Campbell River & District Association for Community Living – $3,000 – Development Kits for Kids

​Campbell River & District Museum – $2,000 – Repair/Refurbishment of “Treasures of Siwidi” Exhibit

​Campbell River & North Island Schizophrenia Society – $1,800 – “Hearing Voices” Workshop

​Campbell River & North Island Supportive Recovery Society – $1,000 – Office Furniture Replacement

​Campbell River Angel Tree Society – $3,000 – Literacy & Art Initiative for Children & Youth

​Campbell River Arts Council – $2,000 – 50th Parallel: Art & Earth Festival

​Campbell River Beacon Club – $2,000 – PsychoSocial Rehabilitation Program

​Campbell River Child Care Society – $1,600 – “Children’s Voices Matter” Conference

​Campbell River Children’s Choir & Performing Society – $2,500 – Fort Worden Children’s Choir Festival Participation

​Campbell River Family Services Society – $3,200 – Open Studio Art Group

​Campbell River Head Injury Support Society – $5,000 – “Mind Over Matter” Program

​Campbell River Hospice Society – $ 1,220 – Virtual Relaxation Therapy Equipment

​Campbell River Maritime Heritage Society – $1,500 – Audio Visual Upgrade

​Campbell River Salmon Festival – $1,000 – Children’s Activities 2019 Festival

​Campbell River Volunteer Society – $3,500 – “Building Community Through Understanding” Workshop Series

​Cedar Elementary School – $2,000 – Cedar School Garden

​Christian Life Children’s Centre – $2,000 – Inclusion for All – Multi Agency Early Childhood Education Training

​Discovery Passage Aquarium Society – $2,000 – Public Education Engagement Program

​Greenways Land Trust – $4,000 – Fruit Tree Pilot Project – Community Fruit Gleaning Project

​Laichwiltach Family Life Society – $1,700 – “Every Child Matters” Walk for Reconciliation 2019

​Multicultural & Immigrant Services Association – $1,100 – New Foundations – Newcomer Integration Indicators Project

​Quadra Circle Community Connection Society – $2,000 – Quadra Seniors’ Healthy Meals Project

​River City Arts Festival Society – $2,500 – Arts Festival

​St John Ambulance – $2,500 – Therapy Dog Program

Campbell River Salmon Festival Society – $1,000 – Children’s Activities at 2018 Festival

Campbell River Family Services – $4,000 – Playroom Improvements

Campbell River Beacon Club – $2,000 – Socialization & Meal Program

Campbell River Volunteer Society – $2,500 – Volunteer Managers’ Conference

Rivercity Players – $1,900 – Projector, Screen & Computers

Quadra Circle Community Connections – $2,000 – Senior Meals Program

North Island Supportive Recovery Society – $1,500 – Building Maintenance – Bathroom Repairs

Christian Life Fellowship Children’s Centre – $7,000 – Furniture & Equipment

Campbell River Museum – $2,500 – Annual Banner Program

Campbell River Angel Tree Society – $3,000 – Winter Wear for Youth

Campbell River Dragon Boat Society – $2,000 – Dragon Boat Regatta

River City Arts Festival – $2,500 – Festival 2018

Friends of Cortes Island – $2,200 – Great Blue Heron Project

Tidemark Theatre – $1,500 – Indigenous Youth Engagement

John Howard Society – $2,790 – Kidstart Summer Program

Greenways Land Trust – $7,000 ($3,500 Charstate Community Garden & $3,500 Fish Enhancement Program)

Sayward Community Health Society – $5,500 – Health Care Clinics Program

Discovery Passage Aquarium Society – 2,500 – Outreach Program

Campbell River Maritime Heritage Society – $1,500- Video Displays

Campbell River Salmon Festival – $1,000 – 50th Anniversary Children’s Activities

Campbell River Sea Cadet Society – $4,000 – Canada 150 Cadet Hall Strong and Free

Campbell River Maritime Heritage Society – $1,500 – Historical and Educational Displays

Tidemark Theatre Society – $3,000 – Theatre Angels Program

Campbell River Women’s Resource Centre – $2,500 – Computer Library

John Howard Society – $3,200 – Housing Support

Campbell River Children Choir Performing Society – $2,000 – Improvement Project

CR Alano Club – $2,500 – New Club furniture

Campbell River & North Island Transition Society –  $6,000 – Anne Elmore renovation project

Campbell River Family Services Society – $2,750 – Dads for Dads

Friends of Cortes Island – $2,500 – Love the Lakes Project

North Island Alcohol & Drug Information & Education Society – $1,100 – The Fentanyl Project

Campbell River & District Association for Community Living – $5,000 – Wheelchair Accessible Van

Campbell River &  District Museum – $3,000 – World Wars Exhibition

Campbell River Community Arts Council – $10,000 – The Campbell River Story

North Island BC Registered Music Teachers – $800 – Canadian Celebratory 150th Anniversary Composition Book

Laichwiltach Family Life Society – $2,700 – Communities are Built on Families

Quadra Circle Community Connections Society – $4,500 – Seniors Celebrate Island Culture

Nuyumbalees Society – $10,000 – Standing Together Tribal Journey

CR Alano Club – $1,500 – Project: Social Rehab Program

CR & District Food Bank – $5,175 – Project: PowerSmart Upgrade to LED

CR & North Island Schizophrenia Society – $1,000 – Project: Program for Strengthening Families

CR & North Island Transition Society – $10,000 – Project: Renovation & Window Replacement

CR Art Gallery – $3,245 – Project: Youth Engagement Program

CR Beacon Club – $1,500 – Project: Clay Studio

CR Community Arts Council – $2,000 – Project: Community Banner Project

CR Family Services Society – $1,950 – Project: Baby Layettes

CR Head Injury Support Society – $4,000 – Project: Decorative Fence & Planter Boxes “Look at Us Now”

CR Search & Rescue – $2,000 – Project: Rescue Training Mannequin

Friends of Cortes Island – $2,200 – Project: Sub-tidal Biodiversity Project

Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island Society – $4,000 – Project: Operation Transportation Volunteer Bus

North Island Alcohol/Drug Information & Education Society – $600 – Project: Promotional Materials

Quadra Circle Community Connections Society – $1,800 – Project: Healthy Quadra Seniors & Families

Salvation Army Ocean Crest Corps – $600 – Project: Emergency Disaster Services

1st Willow Point Scouts – $1,800 – Project: Group Gear Replacement

Willow Point Supportive Living Society – $2,300 – Project: Replacement of Fence

CR & District Association for Community Living – $1,700 – Project: Ages & Stages Screening

Campbell River Family Services Society – $2500 – Project: Grant #1 Early Years Community Garden, Grant #2 “Our Journey: Expressions Through Art – 2015”

Campbell River & District Adult Care Society – $2000 – Project: Sightseeing for Seniors (socialization, mental stimulation and nutritional lunches)

Campbell River Beacon Club – $1313 – Project: Purchase new photocopier for calendars, newsletters and posters

Campbell River Volunteer Society – $2500 – Project: On-line resource library accessible to over 100 non-profit organizations

Quadra Circle Community Connections Society – $4000 – Project: Quadra Island Senior Outreach Program (support for seniors and those with disabilities)

Campbell River Salmon Festival Society – $1000 – Project: SalmonFest 2015 – Children’s Events

Campbell River Head Injury Support Society – $2500 – Project: What’s Next 101 Program to provide volunteer and employment training to brain injury survivors

Discovery Passage SeaLife Society – $3848 – Project: Explorer Lab development as teaching space for discovery-based activities/junior naturalist program

Campbell River Arts Council – $1800 – Project: Art-in-the-Hospital Initiative (images in hallway leading to operating room)

Campbell River Schizophrenia Society – $3000 – Project: Local TV program called ‘Hailey’s Comments’ to provide info about mental illness

Museum at Campbell River – $2500 – Project: The Elk Falls Story—interactive audio-visual presentation

C.R. Museum – $4000 – a new exhibit on the history of our watershed

C.R. Arts Council – $1850 – to buy new equipment for the Banners made by school children and local artists, which are hung for the summer to beautify the City

C.R. Art Gallery – $3500 – Studio improvements for the many art classes held year-round

Discovery Passage Sealife Society – $3260 – new teaching space and wet lab for onsite education as part of the aquarium programs

C.R. & District Adult Care – $2215 – Volunteer-driven tours for Campbell River seniors who no longer drive or are shut-ins

C.R. Beacon Club – $3000 – Patio renovations to provide a safe outdoor space for gardening, bbq and socializing with their peers

North Island Supportive Recovery Society – $1500 – Computers and software to log clients’ recovery progress at the Second Chance Recovery House for men.

C.R. Hospice Society – $750 – to provide training manuals for volunteers in this program

C.R. & District Assn. of Community Living – $4200 – Expansion of space and materials to help increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities; training and work area.

C.R. Search and Rescue – $1500 – Replacement of flotation devices for trained volunteers

Friends of Cortes Island – $1625 – weekly summer program to engage youth in exploring their natural surroundings improving literacy, numeracy, environmental and science knowledge.

Rivercity Players Society – $4000 – Fire Sprinkler Alarm System – purchase, installation and certification of new fire sprinkler alarm system to comply with fire and safety code.

Community Grants in 2013 totalled $31,864 to the following local non-profits:

Accessible Wilderness Society – $2,500 – The Travel Planner

Rivercity Players Society – $3,500 – Studio Renovations

Discovery Passage SeaLife Society – $3,000 – Discovery Passage Aquarium

Multicultural & Immigrant Services – $1,500 – Online Cultural Event Database

CR Hospice Society – $3,000 – Therapeutic Relaxation Skills Program

Willow Point Supportive Living – $750 – Garden Pathway

CR Maritime Heritage Society – $1,500 – PastPerfect Artifact Management Software

CR SalmonFest – $1,000 – SalmonFest 2013 Children’s Activities

Greenways Land Trust – $3,050 – Laughing Willow Community Garden

Canadian Red Cross Society – $1,564 – Shelving for CR HELP Depot

Volunteer Centre – $2,500 – North Island Board Institute Workshops

CR Family Services Society – $1,500 – “Our Journey: Expressions Through Art”

CR & NI Transition Society – $6,500 – Ann Elmore Trnasition House Upgrades

Community Grants in 2012 totalled $15,875 to the following local non-profits:

Greenways Land Trust – $5,000 for Kingfisher Creek & Haig-Brown Improvement Project

Campbell River Hospice Society – $2,500 for a Volunteer & Member Resource Manual

Campbell River Search and Rescue – $2,000 for K9 Team Training

Campbell River Arts Council – $2,200 for Sybil Andrews Interpretive Program

Campbell River Volunteer Centre – $1,675 for Board Workshops for Non-Profits

The John Howard Society – $1,500 for Youth for Seniors Summer Project

Campbell River Salmon Festival Society – $1,000 for Children Activities at Salmon Fest

Community Grants in 2011 totalled $22,750 to the following area non-profits:

Tidemark Theatre – Theatre Angels Program to provide theatre tickets for Seniors and low income families – $3,000

Campbell River Volunteer Centre – Board training for area non-profit organizations – $1,550

Southern Cortes Community Foundation – Board training for Cortez Island non-profit organizations – $1,500

John Howard Society – For summer youth employment program that provide free services for Seniors – $1,500

Campbell River Women Centre – Research on women’s homelessness and social issues – $2,700

Accessible Wilderness Society – Vancouver Island Accessible Trail Guide – $3,000

Campbell River Flood Rescue Team – Volunteer Training in Swift Water Rescue – $1,500

Campbell River Head Injury Support Society – Community Garden for food production – $5,500

Campbell River Beacon Club – Mindfulness Workshop for Clients – $2,500

Community Grants in 2010 totalled $19,990 to the following area non-profits:

Campbell River Children’s Choir $200.00 for travel expenses

Campbell River Volunteer Society received $1100 in funds to hold a workshop on grant writing and volunteer recruitment

Greenways Land Trust received $12,000 to complete a bridge over Willow Creek on the Jubilee trail

North Island Dragon Boat Society was granted $1000 in funds to hold a membership drive and to purchase new equipment

Campbell River Search and Rescue Society received $1500 to train members in swift water rescue

Quadra Salmon Enhancement Eco-centre Education Outreach was funded for a school program and summer interpreter with $2500

Campbell River Environmental Committee funded the annual Oceans Day with a $1890 grant

In addition to our community grants we were pleased to provide income to the following organizations that have entrusted us with their funds;

Campbell River Hospital Foundation $553.34

Campbell River & District Museum & Archives Society $1,826.33

Trinity Presbyterian Church $137.23

Centennial Park Preservation & Enhancement Society $324.25

Campbell River Maritime Heritage Society
A grant of $1,500.00 for their Educational Program, to setup a learning centre for the MHC.

Campbell River Community Arts Council
A grant of $1,500.00 for their Community Banner Project, creating Banners for the downtown streets of Campbell River.

Campbell River Hospice Society
A grant for $2,650.00 for their Volunteer Training and Development for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

Discovery Coast Greenways Land Trust
A grant of $1,040.00 for The Haig Brown Kids Camp, to teach children ages 6-11 about the environment, wilderness and stream stewardship.

Campbell River Community Art Council
Received $1,500.00 to assist with the cost of creating the “Banner Project” for the beautification of lamp posts on the streets of Campbell River and for their “Media Program”.

Campbell River Head Injury Support Society
Received $935.00 to assist with their “Youth and Young Head Injury Survivors” Meeting Plan.

Campbell River Family Services Society
Received $1,400.00 to assist with their “Summer Activity Program for Under Privileged Children ages 6 to 15”.

Campbell River Search and Rescue
Received $2,000 for their “Personal Protective Equipment Replacement Program” to replace 48 jackets for volunteer personnel.

Campbell River Volunteer Society
Received $1,500.00 to assist with the North Island Board Institute’s series of three Workshops on “Non-Profit Development and Development of Non-Profit Boards and Directors”.

Laichwiltach Family Life Society
Received $1,050.00 to assist with their “Total Awareness Program” – providing two seminars aimed at providing women with personal awareness strategies to help reduce the risk of becoming victims of violence.

Simms Creek Stewardship Society through Campbell River Salmon Foundation
Received $942.00 to assist with adding “Spawning Gravel in Simms Creek”, to enhance Salmon spawning areas specifically for Chinook and Chum salmon.

The Campbell River Dragon Boat Society

The Campbell River Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association

The Campbell River Arts Council

The John Howard Society

The Campbell River and District and Association for Community Living

The Campbell River Beacon Club

The Island J.A.D.E. Society

The Campbell River Children’s Choir

The Maritime Heritage Society

The Tidemark Theatre Society

The Campbell River Hospice Society

Laichwiltach Family Life Society

Campbell River Museum and Archives Society

Campbell River and Area Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association

Maritime Heritage Society

Maritime Heritage Centre Society

Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association

North Island Survivors’ Healing Society (Sexual Assault Centre)

Campbell River Community Alcohol and Drug Committee/John Howard Society

Tidemark Theatre Society

The Campbell River Community has been really good to us through years of developing our businesses, so it has been really important on a philanthropy level and family morals level, to give back to the community that has always supported you.

Amanda Raleigh

The level of giving, and the level of philanthropy in this community is unbelievable.

Bill Matthews

The Campbell River Community Foundation is an organization that has a lot of professional people in it that manage the funds extremely well and distributes them to the individual organizations that really need them.

Randy Leigh

We have chosen to invest in the Campbell River Community Foundation because it is a way of giving back to the community and a continuing future legacy in which the funds are well managed and not heavy in administration fees. Local organizations in need are well served by this growing Foundation.

Kerry & Barry Watchorn

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