The Housing Fund

Invest in a healthy and housed community for everyone.

Housing insecurity is on the rise across our country and our community is no exception.

In response to rising housing insecurity for all ages and family types in Campbell River, our Foundation hosted a session in the Fall of 2022 called, “Vital Conversations: Housing Security.” This event brought together stakeholders, change-makers, and people with knowledge, skills, and resources to enable connections and collaborative actions in the housing sector. This event was held to help ensure our region has the resources and relationships it needs to achieve the efficient development of housing for all.

We learned during the process of planning and hosting this event that a barrier often interfering with the expedient development of housing can include a lack of seed or other funding.

With the goal of leveraging funds and propelling change in the community, we acted by investing $25,000 in the endowment fund. The Housing Fund can be used to support organizations, programs, services, and strategic initiatives that meet the needs of those who are precariously unhoused or at risk of losing their housing. Housing insecurity can be a concern for people in all walks of life โ€“ it does not discriminate.

Grants from this fund may include, but not be limited to, priorities that establish safe housing first and foremost, but can also include objectives that strengthen pathways to stable housing including housing support programs, employment and life skills training, and other activities that contribute to the prevention of homelessness or housing insecurity in Campbell River.

Your donation will be pooled in our endowment fund with annual returns being used to enhance the housing sector in Campbell River.


The Housing Fund

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