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The six types of gifts you can donate to the Foundation!

November 6, 2023

Did you know you can use any of these types of gifts to make a one-time donation or to start your very own fund with the Foundation? We’ve updated our donations page to include a summary of each of these gifts, or you can read on right here!

Gift 1: Cash

Cash gifts can be made by donating hard cash, cheques or money orders, e-transfers, payments on credit cards, or a pre-authorized contribution, which can be set up for donations made monthly, annually, or on any schedule of your liking.

Cash gifts are appropriate for any donor of any age who can afford to give up some principal and the income it would otherwise earn.

E-transfers can be sent to

Cheques can be mailed to:
Box 736
Campbell River BC V9W 6J3

Credit Card Payments are accepted using the fillable form on our “donate” page. We use PayPal to accept payments, but you do not need a PayPal account to complete this form, just a credit card number.

Pre-authorized contributions can be set up in your online banking portal or by contacting or visiting your bank in person.

Gift 2: Appreciated Securities

Appreciated Securities can include publicly listed shares, rights, and debt obligations, shares of a Canadian public mutual fund corporation, units of widely held Canadian mutual fund trusts, and more.

Appreciated Security donations will result in an immediate donations receipt for fair market value of the security, determined as the closing price on the day the gift is received by the Campbell River Community Foundation.  This type of gift results in favourable reductions in capital gains taxation, and can be made during a lifetime or after, through an estate.

This type of gift is most appropriate for donors with investment portfolios that include appreciated securities.

The Campbell River Community Foundation is set up to receive the gift of appreciated securities directly.  By donating directly to us, a donor ensures the full value of their donation is received and that no third party deducts an administration or processing fee from their donation.

This form can be used to make a direct donation to the Foundation:

Gift 3: Wills, Estates, and Bequests

Including a charitable bequest in your estate plan ensures that a donor’s possessions are distributed as they see fit, rather than as the government determines.  Further, the inclusion of a charitable bequest reduces the tax owing on the estate.  If the bequest is significant enough, it has the power to completely eliminate taxes on the estate entirely.

Individuals can consider a bequest of cash, securities, RRSPs and or RRIFs, real estate, or gifts of other tangible property in an estate, or they can name the Foundation as a beneficiary directly on the asset itself.

While not required, a donor might consider establishing a named fund with the Campbell River Community Foundation during their lifetime and leaving their willed asset to their already established fund.

This type of gift is appropriate for any individual who has a net positive valued estate.  For thorough and complete advice on charitable bequests through estate planning, individuals should work with a certified estate planning professional.

For clarity in a bequest, please stipulate the Campbell River Community Foundations charitable registration number: 870435161 RR 001.

Gift 4: Real Estate

A gift of real estate can vary from personal residences and vacation homes to rental properties, farmland, and commercially developed land. A donor may choose to give a gift of Real Estate immediately if they realize they no longer require a property, or they may consider retaining the use of the property during their lifetime and leaving the property to their chosen charity in the form of a Charitable Remainder Trust and claiming a tax credit for the charitable portion of the gift.

Gift 5: Life Insurance

Life Insurance is commonly acquired earlier in life by parents, homeowners, and business owners, to protect against economic loss in the event of their premature death.  It may be acquired later in life to provide the liquidity needed to settle an estate and pay taxes.

When an individual reaches a financially stable or positive place in their life, often they let their life insurance policy lapse.  Individuals with life insurance policies should talk to their insurance provider about either transferring ownership of the policy to the Campbell River Community Foundation or continuing to pay their policy and naming the Campbell River Community Foundation as the policy’s beneficiary.  This is a practical way to make a significant gift to the CRCF.

Donors who transfer ownership of the policy will receive a donation receipt for the cash surrender value and annual premiums paid on the policy.  Donors who retain ownership rights of the policy and name the Foundation as the beneficiary will receive a donation receipt to their estate for the full value of the death benefit.

Donors considering a Life Insurance gift should work with their life insurance advisor to ensure clarity and accuracy for this type of gift.

Gift 6: Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts can be of interest to donors with significant assets who wish for the income of their trust to continue for their heirs’ lifetime and are interested in gifting the remainder to the Campbell River Community Foundation.

This type of donation is most appropriate for donors with considerable assets and still require income or wish to provide income for an heir but wish to make a gift of the remainder trust. Examples of gifts can be investment assets, real estate, artwork, or other high-valued assets.

Donors benefit from this type of gift by receiving a donation receipt for the present value of the remainder interest, they retain the income generated, and they can eliminate probate fees if their trust is established during their lifetime.

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