Vital Signs

Vital Signs uses local knowledge to measure the vitality of a community and support action towards improving collective quality of life. Local data gathered through the program is used to support evidence-based, locally-relevant solutions to improve the quality of life at the community level.

The 2024 Vital Signs report is now underway! We are gathering data for our next report and will launch mid October 2024.Β  If you are interested in supporting this community deliverable by providing a sponsorship, please reach out to

We are doing TWO Community Surveys this year:

  1. Survey to the Non-Profit and Charitable Sectorif you are a non-profit or charitable organization that serves anywhere in SD72, please complete our survey! We filled it out ourselves to practice, and it took us 9 minutes! This survey is NOW OPEN starting on May 22, 2024. Please click here to complete!
  2. Survey to organizations serving the seniors sector – we are trying to understand the need of organizations serving seniors. – Coming soon!

Strength & Awareness

Vital Signs is a national program led by community foundations and coordinated by Community Foundations of Canada that leverages local knowledge to measure the vitality of our communities and support action towards improving our collective quality of life. More than 65 communities in Canada and around the world are using Vital Signs to mobilize the power of community knowledge for greater local impact.

The purpose of Vital Signs is to examine and raise awareness of the strengths and challenges facing the community of Campbell River. Outcomes of the project will guide and support solutions that will be a catalyst in sustaining and improving our quality of life.

The report includes Campbell River’s census area, and in addition to data collection and detailed statistical analysis, the Community Foundation has engaged the community in a consultative process that invited the inclusion of local opinions and information. Issue areas included are Arts & Culture, Belonging & Leadership, Children & Youth, Environment, Gap Between Rich & Poor, Getting Started in the Community, Health, Housing, Learning, Safety, Seniors and Work.

Since it was founded in 1990, the Campbell River Community Foundation has supported many local non-profit organizations and local initiatives in the City of Campbell River and area served by School District 72.

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